Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Some days just aren't bubble days...
You think you have it - whatever "it" is - all figured out and then BOOM - you find out some days just aren't bubble days. Landry didn't like baths until we found out just how fun bubbles can be. Then at the mere mention of "bath" she would start running to the bathroom yelling "bath, bath, bath, bath, bath" which was of course much more fun than her running away from the bathroom yelling "No, no, no, no, no, no".

And after we got the Elmo Cherry Foam Soap for Easter, WOW... bath time was really fun!

But as with all things, the new wears off and it's turned back into just plain old boring bath time.

So this is Landry's "Just what do you think is SO funny Mommy????" look I received at last nights bath time.

I of course, thought she was darling - she, however, was DONE with bath time.
Awww... well, maybe another trip to the store with a new and improved bath time toy will change her mind.

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Friday, April 20, 2007
SO Blessed...
Do you ever feel SO blessed? I am having one of those moments (days) when I have an overwhelming since of bless-ed-ness in my soul. There is so much tragedy in the world and so many people that are faced with heart-ache and hard times -- how could I ever complain? I know that thought goes away and I feel just plain - justified for complaining, but why?
I have been blog-hopping today and my heart has been truly touched by Heather's story. Please go over and read it. Another blogger BooMama has set up a special site for Heather. Her blog is great as well. If the Lord leads you to help in Heather's fight, please listen and help. If not monetarily, then please send your prayers up for this wonderful person.
I am also praying for all the families touched by the horrific Virginia Tech tragedy. God please put your arms around those needing you ~
today and always.

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying,
"I am the light of the world.
He who follows Me, shall not walk in darkness,
but have the light of life".
~ John 8:12


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
The 21 Day Challenge
As you know (I'm guessing you know, since you're reading this blog) I work at a United Methodist Church and attend a different church. Most years on Easter and Christmas my family will attend the church I work at, as well as our "home" church. This Easter we attended Fellowship on Good Friday and FUMC Grapevine on Sunday. I was most intrigued by the sermon research I had done for Ken's Easter sermon, so I wanted to 1) hear and see the effect and 2) have my family hear and see Ken's sermon as well. Ken got an idea from a pastor in Kansas and decided it was perfect to try at Easter with our congregation and guests. The Rev. issued a challenge to his congregation to go 21 days without complaining. He based the challenge on Philippians 2:14, “Do everything without complaining or arguing….” On Easter Sunday, we gave away close to 3000 orange wrist bands and he instructed us to move the band to the other wrist each time we caught ourselves complaining. Every time you complain, the 21 days starts over. The idea is that a new habit is formed in 21 days. I may never know.

So this idea has really taken off, you cannot imagine the stories and emails we have received in the last week. People (myself included) are really amazed at how much they complain. At first I had faith that I could accomplish this task. After all, I am the cheerleader (no pun intended toward Sydney) for our family. I am the one always saying "It will be OK", "Look at the bright side" ETC.ETC.ETC.

After two weeks, it's not looking so good. I am still on day one. In my defense here are some things to look at...

1) It is humanly impossible for a mother to not complain. Have you seen my kids rooms? Asked them to help with the baby? The dishes? The laundry? Their homework?
2) It is impossible to watch girls play softball without complaining. If it is not the umpire making a bone-head call, it is the coach not paying attention or forgetting how to pitch.
3) It is physically impossible to drive without complaining. I've heard this concept is worse in Europe. God bless them.
4) I have a 15 month old baby that does not sleep through the night and a 45 year old husband that can sleep through a train crashing into our house. Enough said.
5) I have four girls.
6) I started that last one and was going to list all their activities, but really I can just stop there.
7) We live in Texas, with Texas weather... if we can't complain about the weather, what do we say to each other?

So for now, our entire staff does not complain, but they look as though they are going to rip someones head off at the drop of a pin. Keeping all the complaining inside, can really mess you up!

If nothing else, I never realized how much I complain. My entire family doesn't have their wrist bands on anymore, they have given up. Bob never put his on.

So... I think about my words more carefully now. I don't think I'll ever make 21 days, but I'm still trying. Want to join me at Day One?


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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Tweenie birthday parties and SPRING!
My two middle girls are about to turn 10 and 12. Their birthdays are 2 years and 4 days apart... YES, there was at least two years that are a blur of spit-up, late night crying, no sleep, no money (TWO in diapers- what was I thinking?). Gone are the days when I could get away with birthday parties TOGETHER, that is so passe'. So now I must plan two birthday parties in a week - each trying to out-do the other. Do you sense a little sibling rilvery? Not to mention throwing Easter into the mix. Of course, both girls are playing softball and one in playing volleyball, which makes scheduling somewhat of a hassle. My oldest HATES her birthday being in the Summer, but my goodness, it is a blessing. So what do you do? Gone are the days of Chuck E Cheese and we've had enough of Main Event (at least three parties in past years- of our own- not to mention those attended!) I'm all for the backyard party, which both seem to be leaning toward (with a little strong arming from mom :) The weather is ALWAYS a concern. You know Texas weather is so....emmm... challenging. My girls are pretty funny. They think they are SO big. Big enough to make their own decisions and say NO too many times. But mom is still suppose to take care of all the real details -- like invitations, plans, etc. etc. etc. We're having two parties this week in my backyard, within 24 hours of each other and neither of them has decided what kind of cake or cookie cake they want. At 10 and 12 you do not dare pick one out for them... but it looks like that's the point I am at. I hope I don't mess it up too bad. Wish me luck!


posted at 10:27 AM

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