Monday, June 14, 2010
Summer's Here!

Summer is here and we're so excited! Last week started off with Landry's recital and MacKenzie to 8th grade cheer camp at SMU. It was a busy weekend, but we survived!

Kenzie came home on Tuesday and was wiped out. She had a blast, but needed a few days to recover.

We're on the 25 day count down to Candi's wedding. All four girls are in the wedding and then we're heading to Padre the day after for a week of vacation. We're are so blessed to be able to take a summer vacation this year. Landry's been in swimming lessons for the past week. She's become a little more afraid of the water, or maybe it's because her sisters want to basket toss her in the air - that may be why she doesn't want to swim with them!

Looking forward to VBS in a couple of weeks. Landry is attending, Sydney and MacKenzie are volunteering. I've been helping Ken pack for the Kenya Mission trip. They are leaving on Wednesday. I wish I was going! Some day I will. It's an entry on my bucketlist.

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