Tuesday, March 24, 2009
St. Patty's Day, Spring Break and stuff

Happy to report we survived Spring Break.

MacKenzie didn't get a part in the play, but made the crew. She was happy, then backed out due to a cheer try-out time controversy. She DID make cheerleader, as did her two best friends, so all is right with the world - when you are in 6th grade.

We had Landry's pictures made the day before the tooth fairy came. Funny how that worked out ;) The first try didn't go so well, but the we tried again in the afternoon and she acted like a model at her 100th photo-shoot. Crazy girl.

The dentist went well. She wasn't too happy the same day, but has bounced back with a vengeance! She didn't understand why she couldn't SEE the tooth fairy, but happy she got $3.00, since of course, she's three years old.

We're now into Spring and ready to start cheering, volleyball, going to baseball games - Woo Hoo!! - and getting ready for the summer.

We had a great St. Patty's Day, complete with corned beef and cabbage. We all wore our green and talked a little about our heritage. It was a good day.

I'm going to start some courses in social counseling, I'm excited to be doing something for me - other than being mom.

Bob and I are looking forward to a weekend in Austin full of Longhorn baseball in mid-April. It couldn't get here soon enough! We need and deserve a little Mommy/Daddy time.

We may do some backyard remodeling work the next few weekends depending on the weather. Bob wants to enlarge the patio, so we'll be leveling and moving rock. Hope our backs aren't too old to handle it!

Not much else to report. Katy survived Padre and needs to make the most of school for the next few weeks. She's having withdraws getting back into the swing of things. Sydney - well - she's just "Sydney". Not much else to say if you know her.

More to come. Happy Spring!

posted at 11:34 AM

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Candi said...

Woo Hoo!! I'll tell Vegas to dig his holes over by the patio so ya'll will have less digging to do!!

At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Landry's photos! You'll have to send pics of your expanded patio!



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