Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Super Bowl commercials...
So... I was really excited (as most of us were) that Peyton Manning made it to the Super Bowl. I'm not a big Bears fan, so it wasn't difficult to pick my favorite. I was 90% certain had Colts had what it took -- until the opening kick-off, then I had my doubts. After they recovered from the initial shock of a 92 yard touch-down return, all was well. The game was "ok" as far as games go. Then the commercials came. When are you suppose to go to the bathroom during the Super Bowl ? I decided, it was during the game - not the commercials. I had to see what 2.6 million could do... Turns out, not much. There were some funny ones... I think my favorites were the Bud Light - But he has Bud Light , Doritos, Bud Light - Rock Paper, Scissors and Kevin Federline. Kevin was awesome because he was making fun of himself. There was controversy around his commercial and he even got more publicity than he should have. Crazy man - but smart at the same time. Good angle for Nationwide. ANd the Doritos commercial was submitted in a contest. That is cool. So I thought all the hype was more fun this year than it has been in the past. Maybe that is because my boss is doing a sermon series on the commercials and he himself got some publicity... Ken challenged the congregation to watch the commercials and find how religion or God is in them. Interesting angle for him too. We got some news coverage, which was fun. So this week we're working on remaking a Super Bowl commercial. Stay tuned to find out how it goes...

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