Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Baby teeth... uugghh!!
Many months ago I wrote about baby teeth. I don't remember if I shared the traumatic experience of Landry falling down the bleachers at a football game and knocking the two front teeth into her gum. None broke and I'm certain it was more traumatic for me than her. Until now.

After three visits to three dentists this week, two have come back with the same conclusion, the right front tooth needs to be pulled. First of all, just let me share, I was "in shock" with the first visit. I think if the doctor could have pulled it right then, he would have. They say the gum is infected and therefore could cause the permanent tooth, which is forming, to become infected.

After the initial shock, we got two other opinions and have become more comfortable with the thought of having a snaggled tooth little girl for the next 4-5 years. BUT the thought of being there and watching, doesn't appeal to me at all. Having her *somewhat* asleep is four times the expense of not -- however, it may just be worth it. Another mom story from hell, if you ask me.

On to the older ones......

MacKenzie is trying out for the play at school this week. She's really nervous, but I think she's SUCH an actress. I've been the source in talking her into the audition so I'm hopeful it's not a horrible experience and she makes at least SOME part.
She's trying out for cheerleader the week after. This has been the current source of our money and time sucker for the last month with extra cheer practice and the big motivational speeches. I'm certain Daddy is secretly hoping she doesn't make it, due to the funds. However, it's such a huge honor and ego boost for an 11/12 year old. I think she needs it as much as she wants it.

Sydney's name on her Facebook for the last week has been "Sydney no phone :(". She decided I wasn't warranted in the fact I asked her for her phone after a particularly smart elect comment... So we had it turned off. Surprise, surprise, she's decided who is the boss after a week of no cell phone.

And then there's Katy... Why is it no matter how great your life is when you're eighteen, you think it's horrible?? Never until you look back years later, you decide, wow I had it pretty good then. She has a car with insurance and paid cell phone, plus lives in a dorm with a meal ticket, plus comes home every weekend to be a crazy party person, but still, life sucks. I would love to have her problems. She's doing great in school (Can't imagine why with Tuesdays and Thursdays completely free to do whatever). Anyway, her lucky boyfriend comes home this weekend from Pennsylvania, so life will be good again until a day or two before he leaves. Then she's off to Padre with her girlfriends. Life should suck so bad for the rest of us.

They are all wonderful girls with truly different personalities. We're so very blessed to have them and all their problems.

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posted at 10:22 AM

At 3:54 AM, Blogger The Kilcoynes said...

I love the updates!

I was in my first play when I was 11! Go Kenzie! I had to have most of my baby teeth pulled-- they just wouldn't come out on their own. Poor Landry.

I hope Katy and Sydney know how great their mom really is! She is awesome!


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