Monday, June 23, 2008
Graduation and on to summer...

We survived graduation. It was wonderful - but long - a little stressful - but great all at the same time. I thought I did well with trying to get everything Katy wanted together for her family graduation party. If only I could stop the wind from blowing, it would have been the perfect party. We had beautiful white table clothes with over sized sunflowers in vases on each table, all of what lasted maybe 10 minutes - before anyone else got to see them. Pretty hefty price tag for ten minutes. So, she was of course, sad about the tables, but seem to get-over it quickly enough. We had about 50 people or so, a great turn out. Not everyone she wanted to come showed up, but it was nice for those that did. She seemed to enjoy my video, it got a little too long toward the end. I just couldn't decide on what pictures I wanted to use! I have lived and learned from the first graduation! Syd and MacKenzie have already voiced their opinions about their own videos.

It was exhausting, but wonderful.

The next week, we had Landry's recital... That was a week ago and she sings "The Good Ship Lollipop" more now than ever before. She was wonderful of course. We DO have Sydney's first recital to compare to, which of course she didn't dance and cried ALL THE WAY THROUGH.


She was great and thinks she's the biggest star ever. Candi was so determine that Landry be a dancer - I think it's paid off! I'm just ready for a new song.... On the Good Ship Lollipop is endlessly playing in my head!

With two very busy weekends, I was ready to do something - or nothing - when this weekend rolled around. I found a hot air balloon festival listed in the paper and thought that was just the ticket. Bob's never real interested in doing things like a balloon festival, so I decided to take the girls on Sunday when Italy was playing Spain for the last spot in the European Cup. (Italy ended up losing on penalty kicks).

The Dallas Morning News is a pretty big newspaper for a large metropolitan area and the pictures of the Balloon Festival looked BIG and FUN. I wasn't very excited about driving 45 miles one way with gas at $4.00 a gallon, but I was willing to check it out. Can you see where this is going??
We get to this place, which when you aren't exactly sure where you are going - takes FOREVER. And there are about four people there. Not a hot air balloon in sight. The vendors - of which look like they are from a bad carny movie - are sleeping in their booths. I wouldn't even allow the kids to get a corny dog from them - who even knew how long ago they had been cooked???
They had a NASA booth, one that you walked through - it was closed up, I'm tguessing for lack of patrons.

It was sad, irritating, embarrassing, worthless and funny all at the same time.

I'm certain my negative-central husband got a big kick out of it - but oh well. It's something the girls and I shared and we can laugh about it for years to come. I can hear them now, "Remember when Mom took us out to the "Balloon Fesitival...." HaHaHaHaHaHa

So, I'm thinking I'm ready for a little bit bigger get-away. We're not able to fund a real vacation this year, but we're getting away to a friend's lake house for a week in July. I'm looking forward to no phone, no laundry, the stars, the crickets, etc. Of course, the girls have to come, but we'll just see how that goes... Solitude is for when we're older. (That's what I've heard anyway).

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