Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Settling into Winter
It's been a while since I've blogged. A good friend of mine mentioned it and I thought..." you know, I should do that more..." It gives some stability in my crazy life.

So the last few months have been interesting... Katy's at college and can't stand her roommate. therefore she's home more than she's there. Which makes no sense in the monetary value of college itself. She is a really great writer... reminds me of myself MANY, MANY years ago. She's not real focused there, but every time she writes, she gets more influence and compliments, making her second guess her current path. She goes out too much, stays out too late, and makes me worry endlessly. I've heard that's what 18 year olds do. I'm so proud of her each and every day, I can't hardly stand it. It's so interesting to watch the progression and the direction she will choose.

She took Sydney for a girl's road trip a few weeks ago. They went to Grandma Janet's wedding in Arkansas and had a great "Thelma and Louise" time. I was proud they were able to attend, but more so they were able to go by themselves, together. Such a big sister/little sister, now we've become friends moment in our history.

Sydney is struggling with her personality and who she wants to become. Middle school is such a beating. For kids as well as parents. They can be such mean girls. I continue to struggle with disciplining her all the time - taking away everything she owns; talking, pleading, and negotiating doesn't work. I can't imagine where high school will take us, but I think that's when Katy made a turn in the right direction.
(I'm praying!)

MacKenzie still struggles with living in the shadow of Sydney, but more so, she has a difficult time adjusting to the medication for her seizures. We've made several changes and two doctors later, but each medication has many side-effects. It seems (the research says) anger is a small side-effect as opposed to the actual problem (the seizures themselves). Well... they don't live with MacKenzie, do they? I'm beginning to think a little spacing out might be good as opposed to this.

I know... not so fast... but her seizures have never been on a large scale. It's what they 'could be' that we try to alleviate. We're all a work in progress, I suppose.

It's almost Landry's third birthday! I can't believe it. She seems much older than three already. She can really converse with anyone and has a very strong independence about her - which Katy is quick to confirm that is my fault. "Mom only raises independent women". Could be worse. They could be boys! Just kidding.

Bob and I are hanging on. This time of year is difficult for many reasons, but we're looking forward to the next year and working to make it better each day. UPS is such a difficult company to work for... however, it has provided for us over the years, even if it almost dragged us under it. We've been doing some counseling, continuing to work on communicating (it's work!), even had a few date nights. We've had some distractions, some moments of enlightenment, and some down to earth heart-wrenching clarification of exactly who we are and want to be. I am reminded that God never said it would be easy.

Anyway, more on that later. I'm going shopping. Talk to you SOON. FaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa

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