Thursday, February 12, 2009
Christmas and Vacation...

We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas season. My sister and her family were here from France, it's been two years since we've seen them. They stayed with us in our tiny house and were able to make it through the week! Claire and Landry got to be the best of friends.

Then it was on to Landry's birthday #3!! Where else, but Chuck E. Cheese?? Ahhh the joy to be three years old with all those problems (like being terrified of this gigantic gray furry mouse).

And then on to vacation the third week of January. Never again will I venture off to spend 15 hours in the car with my family - one way. It was a nice ending to family road trips. I have sworn them off. Actually not completely... only promising to not go more than ten hours on a one way trip. Makes sense to me. The weather was beautiful. We got hot and were peeling off the clothes on the slopes, but there was still plenty of snow.

It's been an awesome start to another year. I'm looking forward to the spring and some warmer weather with less little runny noses and when sinus headaches disappear.

More updates soon :)

posted at 10:25 AM

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